About us

Who we are

Founded in 2017, StayInShanghai.com core aims revolve around providing an efficient and suitable relocation solution to budding expatriates.

Our expat-run team provides a tailor made service specifically adapted to the needs of our clients whilst also providing a 24/7 aftercare.

Our small team composed of native English, German and Mandarin agents focus on providing less of a corporate, mechanical service and more of a friendly, personalised approach.

Why Us?

We understand the challenges faced when moving to Shanghai. The overwhelming nature of the environment and
the unfamiliar language can initially be stressful. Typically high rental prices aimed for unsuspecting
foreigners are hard to miss. These are the problems we once faced as fellow expats.

StayInShanghai.com is the only Expat-run real estate agency that understands the requirements and after-service of our clients.

We hand pick the best properties available in the most foreigner-friendly, central areas of Shanghai - close to all transportation and bring them to our clients at the cheapest price possible. Here at StayInShanghai we collaborate directly with landlords to ensure you are not paying a foreigner premium.

We strive to oversee and care for your needs from the point of contact until the day you leave.